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December 31, 2013 - Comments Off on PHT website

PHT website






In the typically conservative field of medical testing products, it's often difficult to break away from the familiar visual vocabulary of shades of blue and stock photography. PHT is a leader in the testing device field, and needed a presentation to match. While working as a contract designer at FuseIdeas, I designed a site that felt clean, uncluttered and reflected the approach of the devices.

Designed at FuseIdeas
Creative direction by Ken Kelleher

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It's certainly no small challenge to capture the essence of a neighborhood as historic and dynamic as The Fenway neighborhood in Boston. Home to world-class restaurants, cultural institutions and sporting venues, among many other offerings, the neighbor is teeming with vitality. It's also undergoing a resurgence and transformation as it is being increasingly utilized by the latest generation of Bostonians.

To help encapsulate this vibrant neighborhood, I worked with real estate developers Samuels & Assoc. to created a website that pulled from a variety of social feeds including twitter, instagram and tumblr to show what's going in real-time. Integrating content from both official channels and unknown users as well, provides a snapshot of what people are doing, eat, or seeing in the neighborhood. It is also a hub for events and business listing, becoming the go-to site for information on The Fenway.

Since we knew that residents and visitors to the Fenway are always on the go, the site is responsive to large and small screens alike.

Designed at Korn Design.

November 27, 2012 - 2 comments

PF Flyers website

PF Flyers Homepage

PF Flyers campaign homepage

PF Flyers campaign profile

PF Flyers Our Story

PF Flyers Our Story Timeline

PF Flyers Tumblr

Few brands have such a rich and storied history as PF Flyers. Starting 75 years at the birth of the athletic sneaker, and leading up to today as boutique fashion mainstay, PF continues to forge ahead and break new ground while staying true its legacy. For a recent website redesign, I worked with Adam & Company to give their web presence a contemporary feel. In addition to art directing the e-commerce side of the site, I designed the sections of the site that are heavily brand focused. In addition to providing a home for their current campaign, there is also a visual timeline of the brand that showcases some artifacts from PF's history. With the interest of providing a way for people connect regularly with the brand, I also design a tumblr site that allows the folks at PF to easily post new content, promotions and news.

March 2, 2009 - Comments Off on Alphabet Arm website

Alphabet Arm website

Alphabet Arm Design home page

While working at Alphabet Arm Design, I redesigned and implemented a new website for the studio. There were a whole suite of challenges with the project, including a large back catalog of projects that spanned a large client base. I implemented a site architecture that cleanly presented the content, and enabled users to see the depth of work. I also designed the user interface for the site, and implemented the design through an easily updated content management system. The new site increase traffic more than 300% and allowed us to better serve our audience.

Alphabet Arm Design category page

Alphabet Arm Design details page

Designer at Alphabet Arm Design.