viximo final logo

viximo homepage

An inno­vator in the virtual goods market, viximo needed a logo revamp. During the initial explo­ration and research, we chose to focus on the use of the word mark as the primary identity. I chose to create the type from scratch, and built it over quite a few different iter­a­tions. I’m happy with the final logo, but I also like a few of the other direction quite a bit as well. Below are a few other options, with the wire­frame that shows the construction.

viximo rnd1

viximo construction

viximo rnd2

Done at Alphabet Arm.

  • Joseph Maguire

    Very talented work Ira, didn’t recognize your work till I looked at this and the two i’s x together like people meeting is pretty conceptual. But I have to say read­ability on the 3rd round came out better. I did dig the orig­i­nality of the type though.

    • ifc

      Thanks Joe. I appre­ciate it. The subtle connection between the two i’s was some­thing that I was glad made it to the final logo.