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Ira is a Brand Strategist and Visual Designer with ten years’ expe­rience at Korn Design, Adam & Company, SapientNitro, Alphabet Arm Design, Hamilton Hughes Design and a few others. He has produced work for clients including Arbella Insurance, PF Flyers, Viximo, BzzAgent, Pepsi Co and others. Ira creates and extends identity systems across web and print media, as well as email, direct marketing and packaging.

The Story

Born in the north-​​country of the wild and un-​​tamed state of Vermont, Ira developed a love for Punk Rock music in his teenage years. It was during this formative time in his youth that he developed the D.I.Y. ethic that has been a guiding prin­ciple of his approach to life every since. Deciding to strike out into unknown and lawless lands of Central New York, he attended Syracuse University and majored in Illustration, with a concen­tration in Printmaking. His path was marked by intense intel­lectual study and a heavy course-​​load in visual commu­ni­cation, art history, writing, and philosophy.

Following his under­graduate education, he returned to Vermont and worked in the design department at Select Design Ltd., where he learned the intri­cacies of brand creation and devel­opment. After a short stint in Providence, R.I., he landed a position at Hamilton Hughes Design in Boston. Their varied client base allowed him to work with players in both the tech­nology industry as well as small local performing artists. In 2007, he accepted an oppor­tunity from Alphabet Arm Design. As a designer there, he developed scores of brands for small-​​to-​​medium sized busi­nesses, as well as working with large corpo­ra­tions and inter­na­tionally known musi­cians. After a few bends he in the road, he took an oppor­tunity in early 2012 he embarked on a new chapter in his profes­sional career that saw him hang up his own shingle and operate as a free agent for a short time. After about a year, he seized an oppor­tunity to become a member of the team at Korn Design. There he plies his skills for unique brands and helps them commu­nicate with their audience to grow their businesses.

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